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Plein aire oil painter, Damon Brown, was born in 1952 and raised in British Columbia, Canada, a land known for its dramatic mountain and ocean vistas. Damon was introduced to landscape painting through the work of Tom Thomson and Canada’s renowned “Group of Seven” painting school. 

The Group of Seven painted Canada’s wilderness landscape during the early 1900’s. A serious student of art history, Damon has studied many celebrated painters, and historical landscape schools that developed in North America.  Principle among these schools was the early California impressionists who painted the landscapes of Carmel, Laguna Beach, Yosemite, and the Sierra Mountains. Edgar Payne and William Wendt were among the most influential on Damon’s work. Like them, Damon paints in the field, returning to his studio to paint larger canvases. Damon believes that by doing so, he is better able to capture the freshness of color and vitality of the moment.

Contemporary painters that Damon has studied with include Scott Christianson, Matt Smith, Ray Roberts and Kevin Macpherson. Locally Damon studied with Jim Lamb.  Damon studied drawing with Juliette Aristides and Tony Ryder.

Damon Brown currently lives in the village of Indianola, located on the beautiful Kitsap Peninsula in Washington’s Puget Sound Basin. He finds inspiration in the combination of virgin forests, breath taking mountains and quiet bays. In all types of weather he can be seen painting the ever-changing landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. Damon’s current project is to paint studies of the major river valleys of the Olympic National Park and Forest.

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